April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Important Dates:
  • April 19 – Pro-D (school not in session)
  • April 22 – Earth Day
  • April 23 – Valedictorian applications due
  • April 23 – Semester 6 End
  • April 26 – Semester 7 Start
  • April 28 – Administrative Professional Day
  • April 28 – Day of Mourning
  • April 30 – Semester 6 Report Cards Published

Hello Belmont students and families!

With Spring Break in the rear view mirror, we set our sights on the “finish line” at the end of June as we do every year. This year, similar to 2020, has not been what our staff or parents had hoped for for our students, especially our grade 12s who would usually be looking forward to Prom and Commencement as the completion of their K to 12 journey. Our student and staff Grad Committee continues to meet to discuss what we can possibly do to celebrate this year’s graduates and our hope is that we can at the very least, offer a school based Commencement which we have scheduled for June 12 & 13. A reminder all grade 12s and their parents have access to our school’s Grad Google Classroom.

We are very proud of all of our students and staff for demonstrating the resilience, care, and compassion for each other as we navigated the recent COVID exposures which have affected many of the schools across the Island and Province. We realize the anxiety and stress these exposures, and the communication that follows can cause, however please know Belmont continues to be a safe place to learn and grow especially due to the efforts of our Custodial Team who disinfect and clean our school at least 2x a day.

Recently many families would have observed the Easter holiday and as Belmont continues to be a diverse and inclusive school community, I’d like to acknowledge our Muslim students and families who will be observing Ramadan beginning April 13 and to our Sikh students and families who will be observing Vaisakhi on April 13/14. We truly value the multicultural mosaic our school and community has become!

Mr. Lamond

New Elementary & Middle School Site in Westhills
This recent photo shows the progress of the new Pexsisen Elementary School and Center Mountain Lellum Middle School scheduled to be open in September 2022.

Culinary Students

We would like to share the wonderful work the culinary students have accomplished. Thanks to Chef Andrea & Chef Jamie for all their efforts in helping our students learn to create wonderful dishes. We’re hopeful we can get back to serving students in September!

Phyllo Pastry Cup Salad


Track & Field

The Track and Field Season is going to start the week of April 20th.  If any students are interested, please join Google Classroom code kgyfh5b for all the information and schedule of events this year. Please note that COVID protocols will be strictly followed to ensure a safe season.  Track & Field will begin on Tuesday for students who have signed up and filled out the proper forms for practice and competitions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tiffany Evans  tevans@sd62.bc.ca.

Belmont Golf Team

Any student interested in joining the Belmont golf team for the virtual challenge against other local schools, please send Mr. Lowe an email for more info.  Klowe@sd62.bc.ca

Challenge is 9 holes at Highland Pacific and 9 holes at Cedar Hill in the month of May.

Drum-Making Project

Natasha Parrish, ABED teacher & Annilee Guy, Art teacher along with students from art and music classes participated in the Belmont Secondary drum-making project. The project encompasses both First Peoples’ principles of learning and the new B.C. curriculum outcomes for art and music.  This long-awaited drum-making project at Belmont school is teaching students about various aspects of Coast Salish culture through music and art.

The attached article from Indiginews is written by Catherine Lafferty.

Cosmetology 9 & Hairstyling 11/12

The Cosmetology 9 and Hairstyling 11/12 classes have been showing great potential with their braiding, updos, and haircutting skills.  If you are interested in adding Hairstyling or Esthetics courses to your timetable, contact Ms. Rachael at rsandberg@sd62.bc.ca or check out our website https://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/programs/cosmetology/.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Belmont Students partnered with Shelby Newcombe and the Langford Parks and Recreation Department to clear invasive species on the hill in front of Belmont’s forest.  The day long event was very successful and everyone involved learned why invasive species of Scotch Broom and Gorse are very problematic for the native species of our forest. Thanks so much to the Langford Parks and Recreation for lending us the necessary tools to make this day such a success. There was an article posted in the Goldstream Gazette over Spring Break at https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/community/langford-students-banish-broom-from-forest-at-belmont-secondary-school/.

Belmont Wear Updates

Belmont & Grad Wear have been distributed to students in their classes on Wednesday April 14th. Due to health and safety regulations, students can only receive their orders via their classroom teacher. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Grainger at tgrainger@sd62.bc.ca . Our volunteer team appreciates everyone’s patience with supplier delays and a longer delivery process to keep everyone healthy.

Belmont Grade 11’s (Class of 2022)

Grade 11 students, please check the “Belmont Grade 11s (Class of 2022)” google classroom this week. Ms. Sandberg has started the process of deciding what color you want for your grad pinnies next year.

Scholarship Information

Now that SD62 award deadlines have come and gone we are moving forward to our Belmont based Scholarships and Elementary and Middle School PAC Bursary deadlines.  The following scholarship applications are due APRIL 30TH, 2021 AT MIDNIGHT – NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

  1. BELMONT SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIPS – Students pursuing trades, academics, have financial need, are athletes, basketball players, are pursuing sciences or health science next year, have shown community or school service/spirit.
  2. WESTSHORE ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP – Students who are headed into academic post-secondary programs OR trades next year and have community/school service.
  3. MYLES MANSELL SCHOLARSHIP – Students in reserves or cadets and are headed to post-secondary in September
  4. GAETZ DESIGNS SCHOLARSHIP – Students who have excelled in visual or media arts and are headed to post-secondary in September
  5. AVID 12 MEMORIAL BURSARY – Graduating students in AVID 12 
  6. METCHOSIN FIRE DELANEY DUNLOP MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Students graduating from Belmont, preference given to those headed to Uvic, studying poli-sci, and/or live in Metchosin    
  7. WESTSHORE BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – Graduating students who have been involved in school and/or Westshore basketball either as player or volunteer 
  8. ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL PAC BURSARIES – Students who have attended any of the following schools for varying number of years – application requirements vary (Colwood, Crystal View, David Cameron, Dunsmuir, Ecole John Stubbs, Hans Helgesen, Happy Valley, Lakewood, Millstream, Ruth King, Sangster, Savory, Spencer, Willway, Wishart)

All of these applications are in the grad google classroom and on the Belmont Scholarship Website https://belmontscholarships.weebly.com/.  They are to be turned in via grad google classroom, OR emailed to Ms. Hoskins (choskins@sd62.bc.ca), OR paper based applications can be dropped off to Ms. Hoskins in Room B112.  Please make sure all necessary attachments are included and have open sharing settings before submitting.  As always, if there are questions, or if support is needed please contact Ms. Hoskins.  

WELCOME TO BELMONT’S SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITE – Home PREPARING TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES Most scholarships and bursaries require a scholarship resume. Use this template to get started – Click Here Some of you may have already created a scholarship resume in your Careers 12 class. belmontscholarships.weebly.com

Other important scholarship deadlines (not applications run through the school) can be found on the scholarship website https://belmontscholarships.weebly.com/.

“Relay for Life” Virtual Event

Belmont Leadership is excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Relay for Life fundraiser. What is Relay for Life you might ask? Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and hosts events at schools across the country. This year it looks a lot different than in years prior but we are ready to bring you a week of fun! 

We are hosting a week-long virtual Relay for Life Event, May 17 – 21 2021. Each day there will be a different 10-20 minute video presented to classes who are signed up to participate. Videos include guest speakers, music performances and a luminary ceremony. In-person activities will also take place within your cohort! 

Our goal is to help support the Canadian Cancer Society and fundraise to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Please use the link below to create an account and donate to the Belmont Relay for Life. https://support.cancer.ca/site/TR?fr_id=27440&pg=entry&s_locale=en_CA&utm_source=vaf-brand-um&utm_campaign=relayforlife2021&s_src=vaf-brand-um&s_subsrc=vaf-brand-um_relayforlife2021&utm_content=belmontesecondaryschool.

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