A Great Start – the 2018/19 school year begins!

On September 4th we welcomed this year’s grade 9s, the graduating class of 2022, to school by hosting a welcome assembly followed by a morning highlighted by opening lockers and finding classes.  Our grade 9s had the chance to rotate through their classes and meet their teachers in addition to be assigned their lockers.

On September 5th we welcomed back our grade 10-12 students lead by the graduating class of 2019. Our Clerical, Custodial, and Counselling teams worked diligently on preparing our school for the school year start up.  As of today, our student enrolment is 1436.

On September 7th we hosted a Pep Rally where we celebrated the beginning of the school year by highlighting many of the great things happening at Belmont.


It’s always incredible to have all of our students together as we truly realize our school is very much like a small town…

On September 11th we hosted the first PAC meeting of the year.  Our new President Ms. Pritchard and new Treasurer Ms. Waller hosted in addition to welcoming the parents who attended.  To note, we are looking for 2 more parents to volunteer to complete the Executive in the positions of Secretary and Vice President.  All parents are welcome to attend our monthly PAC meetings to support many of our school programs as well as collaborate with our Admin team.

We expect the 2 portables we received over the summer to be ready for occupancy near the beginning of October and in addition, the Belmont Bistro/Lakeside Cafe renovations have begun.  A reminder to all students and their families to continue to bring snacks and a lunch until further notice.  Some clubs and teams are hosting lunch time sales as minor fundraising opportunities.

Important Dates

September 18-21Grad Spirit Week: Tuesday Tacky Tourist/Tropical Shirt, Wednesday    Belmont Blackout, Thursday Back to the 90s, Friday is PJ Day.

September 26 – Family Open House: On Wednesday September 26 we host our annual    Family Open House at 6:30pm.  We will send more info via email through School Messenger.

September 24-28 – Awareness Week: see more details below.

October 2 – PAC Meeting 7pm

October 3 – Belmont hosts Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock BBQ

Focus Blocks – FAQ

This year at Belmont we are supporting students with an hour of “Focus” time every Wednesday between blocks A and B.  This also occurs at Royal Bay and Edward Milne.  Focus or Flex blocks, as they are commonly known, are used throughout school and Districts across Canada.  The link below is to a “FAQ” or frequently asked questions memo regarding our approach.  It is expected all students will participate and use this time to support their learning and passions.

Focus Block FAQ

Leadership Class hosts Awareness Week

Hello Belmont!

The last week of September (September 24-28) will be our first school-wide SPIRIT WEEK!  Along with a daily theme, we will have lunch-time booths in the foyer to bring awareness of different clubs, services, and awareness in our community!

Monday 24 Sept – PURPLE DAY! Purple Day for INCLUSION!  Our very own GSA will be out at lunch, come check them out!

Tuesday 25 Sept – GREEN DAY! (No, we don’t mean the Band!) Green Day for THE ENVIRONMENT!  A booth and representative from the CRD will be out, talking about the 3Rs!  There might be some prizes!

Wednesday 26 Sept – RED DAY! Red Day for MILITARY APPRECIATION!  We live near the Pacific Fleet of the Royal Canadian Navy and many of our students are in Military Families!  A booth and representative from the Military Family Resource Centre will be out at Lunch!  Come say hi!

Thursday 27 Sept – BLUE AND WHITE DAY! Why Blue and White?  Because it’s our SCHOOL COLOURS! Our Jr. Varsity Football team has a HOME GAME that afternoon, so show some school pride!!

Friday 28 Sept – ORANGE SHIRT DAY! “The annual Orange Shirt Day (on 30 Sept) opens the door to global conversation about all of the aspects of Residential Schools.”  Let’s have a discussion about the aftermath of Residential Schools and to help survivors in their reconciliation.

Show your school spirit and your awareness of what’s going on in our community by wearing these colours!

Hosted by the Belmont Leadership Class!

News from GISP (Global and Intercultural Skills Program)

Congratulations to Morgana A. and Christine C.who were awarded a 5 week bursary to study French in Quebec this past summer. Both students improved their French language acquisition skills as well as experiencing the French culture. Morgana and Christine enjoyed meeting Canadian students from various cities across Canada as well as experiencing different community events and local activities. Félicitations les filles!

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.44.11 PM.png

Upcoming:  The First meeting for GISP (Global and Intercultural Skills Program) is Tuesday, September 18th with Ms. Evans at lunch in room B309.

Interested in a Service Trip to the Green School in Bali?  Meeting on Thursday, September 20, at lunch with Ms. Evans in room B309.

AVID Study Tip

Effective studying involves more than re-reading your textbook or notes. Instead, try explaining your notes aloud, in your own words. Visit the material in as many ways as possible—visually, auditorily, conversationally, and kinesthetically. Draw it out. Explain it to a sibling, friend, or parent. Move your fingers when you identify or recite specific points to remember. These tips can help you turn passive review into effective active study sessions.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.51.44 PM.png

Biology 103 – Our Grade 12 Dual Credit Cohort

Sending compliments to our Biology 103 students who just completed their first university lab after school on Thurs.  WELL DONE!  The experience was appreciated by all in completing a post-secondary lab, learning new lab skills, handling new equipment and models, completing an experiment and working in a collaborative setting along with the Camosun instructor, Ms. Laura Biggs.

This is one of the Dual Credit courses offered at Belmont during Semester 1, whereby students receive 8 grad credits and a transferable university credit. They become early registrants at Camosun College, get exposed to university style lectures exams,  complete 14 labs (8 at Belmont, 6 at the Landsdowne Camosun campus) and do NOT pay tuition for the course!

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.54.33 PM.png
Some of our Bio 103 students
Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.53.58 PM.png
Dual Credit Bio 12







If you are interested, please see your counsellor or Mrs. Hyde in the Careers Centre or speak to Ms. Choma in room A304.

Athletics News


All girls (Gr. 9-12)  interested in playing basketball are invited to attend free drop in open gym on Mondays from 7-9pm in our gym


The Belmont Volleyball Programs are well under way with a total of 5 teams this year.  We will have:

2 Junior Girls Teams  (Monday Games)

 1 Junior Boys Team  (Thursday Games)

1 Senior Boys Team  (Wednesday Games)

1 Senior Girls Team (2 Time defending BC AAAA Champions) Tuesday Games

With about 50 athletes going this promises to be another exciting season.

Sr. Boys Volleyball Schedule

All matches start at 6:00pm. Team members are reminded to be there by 5:30 pm.

Sept 19th Reynolds, SMUS @OAK BAY
Sept 26th PCS, Oak Bay @SPECTRUM
Oct 3rd PCS, Esq, Reynolds @BELMONT
Oct 10th Royal Bay, Stellys @OAK BAY
Oct 17th Royal Bay, Lambrick @REYNOLDS
Oct 24th Claremont, Oak Bay @MT DOUG
Oct 31st Royal Bay, PCS, Esq @BELMONT

Sr. Boys Tournament Schedule

Sept. 21-22 Camosun @PISE, Oct. 5-6- Nanaimo VIU Tourney


Nov. TBA- Duncan Christian Tourney

Nov. 5th – PLAYOFFS @TBA                                 Nov. 16/17- Islands @ TBA

Sr. Girls Volleyball

The Senior Girls Volleyball Team got their 2018 season off to a strong start in Nanaimo at the Dover Bay Invitational Tournament. The girls posted a 5-1 record, their only loss coming in a tie-breaker. This coming weekend they travel to UBC to take on some of the best teams in the province. The team is: Taylee P., Gracie M., Jocelyn S., Aspen N., Jordyn W., Jasmyn L., Abbey N., Elise G., Daryana M., Sierra C., Kylie K., and Maggie M.  The team is once again coached by Mr. Toakley.

a Dover Tourn..jpg


There is Club Badminton every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm in our gym.  The cost is $10 for September to Christmas and the money covers the cost of the birdies.  Badminton will be cancelled September 26 due to a volleyball game.  See Mr. Willing in room B312 for more details.


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