Lets Celebrate Our Grads of 2021!

Important Dates
  • June 14-18 – Graduation Assessments
  • June 16 – Drumline performance at 11:40am
  • June 18 – VIHA Naloxone Training for Students 11am-2pm (B305)
  • June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • June 23-24 – Commencement Ceremonies x 12!
  • June 25/28 – Last Days of Class
  • June 29 – Report Cards Published at 12pm
Belmont Grads 2021

Our Belmont school community is so proud of our Grads, and especially the determination and perseverance they have demonstrated during this challenging year. Our Grads really do rock!

Belmont Grads featured in this year’s Government Congratulations

Two of our Belmont Graduates, Jeannie C. and Steven M., are included in this year’s Government congratulations to students and graduates!

Who Crashed the Grad Class of 2021?

The clerical staff of Belmont has created a tribute to the graduating class of 2021 by making a grad cap for each student with their name on it. The caps are on display on the outside windows of the Library Learning Commons but there is something wrong with the display…..

There are 2 names that are not grads like all the others.
There are 2 names that just do not belong.
Can you tell us which names are not grads like the others?
Can you tell us the names before this game is all done?


  1. Figure out the name or names that do not belong to anyone in the grad class. You do not need to find both names to submit an entry. 1 name will get you entered! Include your full name in your entry.
  2. Submit your guess or guesses to belmont@sd62.bc.ca by Sunday, 12 a.m. (Midnight) June 20 2021.

If your answer is correct, you will be entered to win a prize!

  1. You can submit 1 entry for each name that you think does not belong or submit 1 entry with multiple names. If you submit an entry with multiple names you will still receive separate entries for each name that you guessed correctly.

Will anyone be able to figure out who crashed the grad wall by sneaking their name in??

Good luck to you all on being able to figure out who it is!!! Please don’t let these grad crashers go unidentified!!!

Thank you to the group of moms who came together on Friday, June 11th with the goal of putting on a Grad Motorcade for our Grads. Here are some photos of this special night.

2021 Belmont Grad Motorcade
Year-End Thank You Video to Students – features two Belmont students:

 Premier John Horgan, Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry have prepared a short video to thank B.C. students, including graduates, for their hard work, determination and resilience during this most challenging of school years. Please share this video. https://youtu.be/GmfNznx7cYo

Drumline Lunch Performance

Congratulations to our BMD Drumline who placed 2nd in the National Championships!!

Their performance will be in the Belmont Music Department year-end concert which will be shared with you in the next Bulletin.

Homestay Families Needed for 2021-2022 School Year

SD62 is looking for Homestay families for International students from around the world.

We are in specific need of Homestay families for Belmont Secondary and Royal Bay Secondary students arriving August 21 or September 3.

Grades 10 to 12, long-term stays, $925 monthly Homestay honorarium provided. Strict COVID19 protocols in place.

Basic expectations:

-Provide a clean, safe, nurturing, supportive home environment

-Provide a private furnished bedroom (must have egress window)

-Provide 3 meals/day plus snacks

-Provide help with transportation (for extra-curricular activities)

-Provide additional support as needed

Click here for the online Homestay application

Or for more information, please email  homestay@sd62.bc.ca

Congratulations BMD Drumline!!

BMD Drumline has placed SECOND in the National Championships for Drumlines! Congratulations to them and the Belmont Music Department.

Drumline will be performing an “encore” performance Wednesday, June 16 at 11:40 in front of the school.


Good luck to Preston L. (Belmont grade 10 student )as he qualified for the BC Junior Amateur Golf and BC Men’s Amateur Golf this summer. 

Wellness Centre Summer Hours

The Wellness Center at Belmont, 3041 Langford Lake Road, is open most Mondays and Fridays with our Nurse Practitioner, Shyla Genoway.  We will also host a drop in Birth Control/STI clinic on Tuesday afternoons.  To book an appointment call 250-519-3580. Please access Wellness Centre through door number 4 and not the main doors.

We will also provide service at our Youth Clinic located at 345 Wale Road is on Wednesday afternoon for (Birth Control or STI testing only). To book an appointment call 250-519-3490 or 250-519-3580.

A poem for those lost and found at Kamloops Residential School

All flags at schools in the Sooke School District had been flying at half-mast for 215 hours to recognize the tragedy most recently discovered at a former residential school by the Tk’mlúps te Secwépemc First Nation, as well as in memory of the thousands of children sent to residential schools across Canada whose lives were taken and forever changed.

Many of our Belmont teachers and students have shown support and recognition for the 215 Indigenous children by wearing orange and putting up orange shirts and the feather from Gitxsan artist, Michelle Stoney. 

In acknowledgement of the flags being lowered in our District, Elder Shirley Alphonse of Cowichan Tribes has provided the following words of wisdom to close the ‘work’ being done throughout Sooke School District. Her words are written specifically for the families of those lost at the Kamloops Residential School.

In support, Elder Shirley Alphonse, Brother Rick and Elder Henry have created a short video attached which states the importance of our collective actions in moving truth and reconciliation in SD62.

Creator Great Spirit as we gather together in this circle we are thankful for each one as we remember and honor “the little ones” whose lives ended at Kamloops residential school those many years ago – May the ancestors watch over them – May the road to the other side be graced by tall majestic pine trees with sweet scented healing flowers along the way – little birds singing their lament acknowledging their passing – May candles lit in their honor light their way – May the angels comfort them along with our prayers as we send our love and wrap them in warmth protecting their journey. We also remember the families left behind – May they know comfort and peace with all the love we send. Hych-guh Siem!

Looking Forward to Summer!

Important Date
  • May 14-May 31 – 2022 Grad Pinnies on sale
  • May 31-June 4 – Bike to School Week
  • June 3 – Report Cards Published via MyED
  • June 7-June 11 – Cap & Gown Distribution (details to follow)
  • June 8 – PAC Mtg. 7pm – MS Teams
  • June 14-18 Graduation Assessments
  • June 21 – National Indigenous Peoples Day
  • June 28 – Last Day of Classes
Virtual Pep Rally

To celebrate school spirit heading into our final month, the Leadership class wanted put together a virtual celebration. Even though we have had to stay apart, this is our way of coming together as a school community.

In addition a huge shout out to our Leadership students for their efforts in hanging balloons over the entrances and blasting some great tunes for students and staff as they arrived for both AM & PM sessions.

The link below is to the Virtual Assembly:

Virtual Assembly 2021.mp4 drive.google.com
Scholarship Information for Grads and Grade 12 Parents

There are still scholarship available for students to apply for on the scholarship website – none of these are applications through the school or district so make sure you read application instructions carefully:


Thank you to all students and parents for their hard work in the scholarship application process.  There were hundreds of applications for all SD62, PAC, and Belmont based scholarships this year which is great to see! All winners for these awards will be announced at graduation ceremonies at the end of June.  Students will receive certificates and important information regarding scholarship/bursary retrieval instructions in white envelopes at their grad ceremonies – please make sure these are kept safe and looked through thoroughly to ensure all awards can be claimed in a timely manner!  All the best to the grads in their future endeavors – Ms. Hoskins

West Shore Arts Council

The West Shore Arts Council is happy to announce that they are offering $500 scholarships again!  Successful applicants currently attend high school, and plan to enroll in further education at a recognized post-secondary institution to pursue a career in the fine arts.  This could include music, dance, theatre, film, visual arts, literary arts, digital arts, and others. Application is on the scholarship website!

COVID-19 Vaccinations for 12-17 Years Old – A Message from SD62

As you have likely heard, the provincial government has announced that children between 12 and 17 years old can now register for their COVID-19 vaccinations. We thought we would put the information in one place for you so that you can read, keep informed and make the best decisions for your family.

Quick highlights from the news release:

  • Young people may register and get their vaccine on their own, or have a parent, guardian or trusted adult assist them.
  • Under the Infants Act, children can give consent as a mature minor to receive health care, like getting a vaccine.
  • Parents, caregivers, guardians and trusted adults can provide their own contact information when registering youth, if preferred. They can also accompany them to their vaccine appointment.
  • Most young people will receive their vaccine in immunization clinics, not in schools.
  • Youth ages 12-17 can tag along to their parent or guardian’s booked appointment and receive an immunization as well. Just let staff at the vaccination centre know upon arrival.

Young people can register themselves and book their appointment:

Learn and make informed decisions for your family:

K-12 Health Check App

A reminder that there is the daily health check application for parents and students to help them determine if they should be attending school or not. The application is available online as a mobile-enabled website, an iPhone application, and a Google Android application.


SD62 Communications Team

Belmont Grads 2021

Our Belmont school community is so proud of our Grads, and especially the determination and perseverance they have demonstrated during this challenging year. Our Grads really do rock!

All Grad related information is being shared with Grad families by email – please continue to check your emails and ask your Grad to check the Grad Google Classroom for important information and updates.

There will be increased traffic in our parking lot for the following Grad related activities, our grade 9-11 families may want to consider alternate pick up and drop off locations during these days and times:

Cap, Gown, Grad Mask, and Lawn Sign pick up:

Students or their parent/guardian will be picking up their items during the week of June 7-11. A big thank you to the City of Langford for purchasing lawn signs for our Grads!

Belmont Commencement 2021

The newly re-scheduled dates for the Belmont Graduation Commencement ceremonies are Wednesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 24. Ceremonies will be taking place throughout the day. We will have the upper Goudy parking lot available for Commencement parking, but we expect the parking lot to have extra vehicles on these days as well.

Thank you for your understanding and your support in celebrating the Belmont Grad class of 2021!

Pride Month

Pride month is coming up in June! It is a chance for our communities to celebrate, reflect, promote equality and increase the visibility of LGBTQ2+ communities.  Belmont Leadership is proud to raise awareness around pride month in our school.  We are putting together a display board on various topics in an effort to raise awareness of the LGBTQ2+ community.  The board will rotate between the zone 1, 3, 4, and 5 entrances for one week each throughout the month of June in an effort to reach as many students as possible.  

Track & Field Results

An incredible showing for our Belmont Bulldogs Track and Field this year in the Pandemic challenge. Huge congratulations to the following athletes on the final standings in the Lower Vancouver Island Challenge:

Relay Senior BoysSilver Medal (Beau N., Josh B., Stirling M., Braydon L.)

Relay Senior GirlsBronze Medal (Julianne S., Sofia S.D., Gia L., Louisa K.) 

Senior Girls
  • 200m – Louisa K. – Gold medal
  • 400m – Julianne S. – 5th place
  • 200m – Julianne S. – 6th place
  • 800m – Julianne S. – Bronze Medal
  • 800m – Guilia M. – 8th place
  • 800m – Gia L. – 9th place
  • 1500m – Gia L. – 5th place
  • 1500m – ILiana S. – 6th place
  • Shot Put – Gia L. – Silver Medal
  • Shot Put – Katharina H. – 7th place
  • Shot Put – Tanya D.B. – 9th place
  • JAV – Gia L. – Silver Medal
  • JAV – Tanya D.B. – Bronze Medal
  • JAV – Katharina H. – 4th place
  • LJ – Gia L. – 5th place
Senior Boys
  • 200m – Josh B. – 8th place
  • 800m – Daniel M. – 7th place
  • 1500m – Daniel M. – 8th place
  • LJ – Stirling M. – Bronze Medal
  • LJ – Brayden L. – 11th place
Junior Girls
  • 200m – Sophie V. – 5th place
  • 400m – Sophie V. – 5th place
  • 800m – Sophie V. – 6th place
  • 400m – Bella B. – 9th place
  • Shot Put – Abbey B. – 8th place 
  • LJ – Abbey B. – 8th place
  • LJ – Sophie V. – 14th place
  • JAV – Abbey B. – Bronze Medal
Junior Boys
  • 200m – Hong Ye Lin – 4th place
  • 800m – Hone Ye Lin – 5th place

May Happenings!

Important Date
  • May 14-May 31 – 2022 Grad Pinnies on sale
  • May 24 – Victoria Day (school not in session)
  • May 27 – Semester 7 End
  • May 28 – Semester 8 Start
  • May 28 – Virtual Pep Rally
  • May 31-June 4 – Bike to School Week
  • June 3 – Report Cards Published
  • June 8 – PAC Mtg. 7pm – MS Teams
Relay for Life

Unfortunately, Leadership’s Relay for Life obstacle course has been cancelled this week due to low sign up numbers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Full Circle Writing

On May 10, Ms. Sawatzky’s creative writing  class wrote short plays based on fairy tales. Thanks to Trent Arterberry, guest author, who lead a workshop on writing scripts.

Mr. Martin’s drama class then did a workshop with Trent, bringing the scripts to life. The video-taped performances were shared with the script writers, who enjoyed seeing their words jump off the page.

2022 Grad Pinnies

2022 Grad Pinnies go on sale Friday, May 14 to Monday, May 31 on School Cash Online.

  • $40 each
  • Students MUST fill out the order form in the google classroom.  Just paying will not get a pinnie ordered.
  • if you have questions, please see Ms. Rachael in room B101 (preferably at lunch or after school please), or email rsandberg@sd62.bc.ca.
  • All this info is in the “Belmont Grad 11s” google classroom.
Fine Arts

Concert Band 9/Senior Winds

Throughout this year, our instrumentalists in both Concert Band 9 and Senior Winds have been able to rehearse, with following all safety precautions, in preparation for our recordings.  On Friday April 16, both bands recorded their festival set for the Virtual Vancouver Island Concert Band & Orchestra Festival, that is normally held in Port Alberni.  After a few weeks of waiting, we have our adjudication and both bands have received a SUPERIOR in their playing level!  Congratulations to our Band Students!


Vancouver Island Track & Field

A group of strong, fast runners gathered last Saturday to host the first day of competition for the Vancouver Island Track and Field Season. The season has started out very well with the following students achieving great results:  Louisa K., Julianne S., Josh B., Sophia V., Daniel M., Guilia M., LLiana S., Jule N., Katharina H., Tanya D., Gia L., Hong Ye L.  Thanks to the Belmont parents and teachers (Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Willing) for helping out. Way to go Bulldogs!!

The Workplace Alternative Trades Training Program

The Workplace Alternative Trades Training Program is accepting applications from young people 16 years old and up. Cohorts will be running monthly for the remainder of 2021! 

Check out the attached poster for more details.

*note: training is now two weeks (part-time) online and two weeks (full-time) in class to accommodate social distancing guidelines. 

French Immersion Info

Any French Immersion student who is in grade 9 or grade 10 interested in participating in the BC Quebec exchange next year, please contact Ms. Evans tevans@sd62.bc.ca or tevans@sd62learns.org.

French Immersion Survey: The Ministry is seeking to better understand the various factors which have led to an increase in demand for French Immersion programs across the province.

Demand for French Immersion Programs in B.C. (gov.bc.ca)

The Boys & Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club has started a new virtual program. The program is called Youth Connect with the intent of connecting youth across the CRD. The scope of the program is quite broad and will heavily involve youth interests and their feedback to shape the weekly sessions. Some topics may include outreach about local causes, skill building and knowledge sharing, discussions on movies and literature, promoting inclusion, inviting guest speakers, and more. 

Time: Tuesday @ 5:00pm – May 4th

Where: Online – Zoom

Cost: Free

To Register: please email adventure@bgcvic.org

Have a Colorful May!

Important Dates:
  • May 11 – PAC Mtg. 7pm MS Teams
  • May 14 – Pro-D (students not in session)
  • May 19 – “O’Canada”/Grad Song Auditions
  • May 24 – Victoria Day (school not in session)
  • May 27 – Semester 7 End
  • May 28 – Semester 8 Start
French Immersion Survey

The Ministry of Education is seeking to better understand the various factors which have led to an increase in demand for French Immersion programs across the province. If interested, please see link below to the survey.

Demand for French Immersion Programs in B.C. (gov.bc.ca)

Relay for Life Fundraiser

Belmont Leadership is excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Relay for Life fundraiser. Why is this so important? Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. We have a week of fun activities planned for the whole school – distanced and virtual of course!

To make this possible we need your help! Our goal is to help support the Canadian Cancer Society and fundraise to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Please use the link below to donate to the Belmont Relay for Life by the week of May 17 – 21, 2021. Our team name is “Belmont Secondary School” and any amount helps!!

Pexsisen Elementary Taking Shape
Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE)

PISE is pleased to assume operations of the Canadian Sport School from Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and applications are now open for the 2021/22 school year!

The Canadian Sport School program at PISE is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year! An important program delivered across the province of BC, Canadian Sport School provides athletic and academic support for high school students balancing both educational and high performance training demands. Canadian Sport School helps to alleviate the pressures experienced by young athletes and ensures that future Olympians, Paralympians, and National Team members have all the skills and resources needed to continue their development.

The school welcomes approximately 30 students each year from a variety of sport backgrounds and schools in the Greater Victoria area (School Districts #61, 62 and 63 all participate). The student athletes spend half of their day at their regular high school taking required academic courses, and half of their day with the Canadian Sport School at PISE.

Registration and further information is available at: http://canadiansportschool.csipacific.ca/campuses/victoria/

Fast Track Summer Learning 2021
Heirs To Our Oceans

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Important Dates:
  • April 19 – Pro-D (school not in session)
  • April 22 – Earth Day
  • April 23 – Valedictorian applications due
  • April 23 – Semester 6 End
  • April 26 – Semester 7 Start
  • April 28 – Administrative Professional Day
  • April 28 – Day of Mourning
  • April 30 – Semester 6 Report Cards Published

Hello Belmont students and families!

With Spring Break in the rear view mirror, we set our sights on the “finish line” at the end of June as we do every year. This year, similar to 2020, has not been what our staff or parents had hoped for for our students, especially our grade 12s who would usually be looking forward to Prom and Commencement as the completion of their K to 12 journey. Our student and staff Grad Committee continues to meet to discuss what we can possibly do to celebrate this year’s graduates and our hope is that we can at the very least, offer a school based Commencement which we have scheduled for June 12 & 13. A reminder all grade 12s and their parents have access to our school’s Grad Google Classroom.

We are very proud of all of our students and staff for demonstrating the resilience, care, and compassion for each other as we navigated the recent COVID exposures which have affected many of the schools across the Island and Province. We realize the anxiety and stress these exposures, and the communication that follows can cause, however please know Belmont continues to be a safe place to learn and grow especially due to the efforts of our Custodial Team who disinfect and clean our school at least 2x a day.

Recently many families would have observed the Easter holiday and as Belmont continues to be a diverse and inclusive school community, I’d like to acknowledge our Muslim students and families who will be observing Ramadan beginning April 13 and to our Sikh students and families who will be observing Vaisakhi on April 13/14. We truly value the multicultural mosaic our school and community has become!

Mr. Lamond

New Elementary & Middle School Site in Westhills
This recent photo shows the progress of the new Pexsisen Elementary School and Center Mountain Lellum Middle School scheduled to be open in September 2022.

Culinary Students

We would like to share the wonderful work the culinary students have accomplished. Thanks to Chef Andrea & Chef Jamie for all their efforts in helping our students learn to create wonderful dishes. We’re hopeful we can get back to serving students in September!

Phyllo Pastry Cup Salad


Track & Field

The Track and Field Season is going to start the week of April 20th.  If any students are interested, please join Google Classroom code kgyfh5b for all the information and schedule of events this year. Please note that COVID protocols will be strictly followed to ensure a safe season.  Track & Field will begin on Tuesday for students who have signed up and filled out the proper forms for practice and competitions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tiffany Evans  tevans@sd62.bc.ca.

Belmont Golf Team

Any student interested in joining the Belmont golf team for the virtual challenge against other local schools, please send Mr. Lowe an email for more info.  Klowe@sd62.bc.ca

Challenge is 9 holes at Highland Pacific and 9 holes at Cedar Hill in the month of May.

Drum-Making Project

Natasha Parrish, ABED teacher & Annilee Guy, Art teacher along with students from art and music classes participated in the Belmont Secondary drum-making project. The project encompasses both First Peoples’ principles of learning and the new B.C. curriculum outcomes for art and music.  This long-awaited drum-making project at Belmont school is teaching students about various aspects of Coast Salish culture through music and art.

The attached article from Indiginews is written by Catherine Lafferty.

Cosmetology 9 & Hairstyling 11/12

The Cosmetology 9 and Hairstyling 11/12 classes have been showing great potential with their braiding, updos, and haircutting skills.  If you are interested in adding Hairstyling or Esthetics courses to your timetable, contact Ms. Rachael at rsandberg@sd62.bc.ca or check out our website https://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/programs/cosmetology/.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Belmont Students partnered with Shelby Newcombe and the Langford Parks and Recreation Department to clear invasive species on the hill in front of Belmont’s forest.  The day long event was very successful and everyone involved learned why invasive species of Scotch Broom and Gorse are very problematic for the native species of our forest. Thanks so much to the Langford Parks and Recreation for lending us the necessary tools to make this day such a success. There was an article posted in the Goldstream Gazette over Spring Break at https://www.goldstreamgazette.com/community/langford-students-banish-broom-from-forest-at-belmont-secondary-school/.

Belmont Wear Updates

Belmont & Grad Wear have been distributed to students in their classes on Wednesday April 14th. Due to health and safety regulations, students can only receive their orders via their classroom teacher. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Grainger at tgrainger@sd62.bc.ca . Our volunteer team appreciates everyone’s patience with supplier delays and a longer delivery process to keep everyone healthy.

Belmont Grade 11’s (Class of 2022)

Grade 11 students, please check the “Belmont Grade 11s (Class of 2022)” google classroom this week. Ms. Sandberg has started the process of deciding what color you want for your grad pinnies next year.

Scholarship Information

Now that SD62 award deadlines have come and gone we are moving forward to our Belmont based Scholarships and Elementary and Middle School PAC Bursary deadlines.  The following scholarship applications are due APRIL 30TH, 2021 AT MIDNIGHT – NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 

  1. BELMONT SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIPS – Students pursuing trades, academics, have financial need, are athletes, basketball players, are pursuing sciences or health science next year, have shown community or school service/spirit.
  2. WESTSHORE ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP – Students who are headed into academic post-secondary programs OR trades next year and have community/school service.
  3. MYLES MANSELL SCHOLARSHIP – Students in reserves or cadets and are headed to post-secondary in September
  4. GAETZ DESIGNS SCHOLARSHIP – Students who have excelled in visual or media arts and are headed to post-secondary in September
  5. AVID 12 MEMORIAL BURSARY – Graduating students in AVID 12 
  6. METCHOSIN FIRE DELANEY DUNLOP MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – Students graduating from Belmont, preference given to those headed to Uvic, studying poli-sci, and/or live in Metchosin    
  7. WESTSHORE BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – Graduating students who have been involved in school and/or Westshore basketball either as player or volunteer 
  8. ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL PAC BURSARIES – Students who have attended any of the following schools for varying number of years – application requirements vary (Colwood, Crystal View, David Cameron, Dunsmuir, Ecole John Stubbs, Hans Helgesen, Happy Valley, Lakewood, Millstream, Ruth King, Sangster, Savory, Spencer, Willway, Wishart)

All of these applications are in the grad google classroom and on the Belmont Scholarship Website https://belmontscholarships.weebly.com/.  They are to be turned in via grad google classroom, OR emailed to Ms. Hoskins (choskins@sd62.bc.ca), OR paper based applications can be dropped off to Ms. Hoskins in Room B112.  Please make sure all necessary attachments are included and have open sharing settings before submitting.  As always, if there are questions, or if support is needed please contact Ms. Hoskins.  

WELCOME TO BELMONT’S SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITE – Home PREPARING TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES Most scholarships and bursaries require a scholarship resume. Use this template to get started – Click Here Some of you may have already created a scholarship resume in your Careers 12 class. belmontscholarships.weebly.com

Other important scholarship deadlines (not applications run through the school) can be found on the scholarship website https://belmontscholarships.weebly.com/.

“Relay for Life” Virtual Event

Belmont Leadership is excited to announce that we will be hosting our annual Relay for Life fundraiser. What is Relay for Life you might ask? Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society and hosts events at schools across the country. This year it looks a lot different than in years prior but we are ready to bring you a week of fun! 

We are hosting a week-long virtual Relay for Life Event, May 17 – 21 2021. Each day there will be a different 10-20 minute video presented to classes who are signed up to participate. Videos include guest speakers, music performances and a luminary ceremony. In-person activities will also take place within your cohort! 

Our goal is to help support the Canadian Cancer Society and fundraise to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Please use the link below to create an account and donate to the Belmont Relay for Life. https://support.cancer.ca/site/TR?fr_id=27440&pg=entry&s_locale=en_CA&utm_source=vaf-brand-um&utm_campaign=relayforlife2021&s_src=vaf-brand-um&s_subsrc=vaf-brand-um_relayforlife2021&utm_content=belmontesecondaryschool.