Spring Break!

Important Dates:

  • March 15-26 – Spring Break
  • March 29 – Welcome Back!
  • April 2 – Good Friday
  • April 5 – Easter Monday
  • April 12-16 – Graduation Assessments
  • April 19 – Pro-D (school not in session)
  • April 22 – Earth Day
  • April 23 – Semester 6 End
  • April 26 – Semester 7 Start

Aboriginal Territorial Acknowledgement

This past week we had an Aboriginal Territorial Acknowledgement mounted as a center piece in our cafeteria. We will be hosting an “official” unveiling on National Indigenous Peoples Day which falls on June 21st this year.

Harmonius by Connie Watts is now a focal center piece in our cafeteria. Thanks to our PAC for their support as well as our District Ab Ed team for their insight.
Grade 9 Immunizations

Our school hosted the annual VIHA Grade 9 Vaccinations.  For reference, the annual vaccinations are for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Polio, and Meningococcal depending on the needs of individual students.  Permission slips were sent home in the fall.  VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) was not able to complete all of the vaccinations and will look to complete any remaining ones after Spring Break.

If you have any questions, please contact VIHA through our Wellness Centre at 250-519-3580.

A New Staff Member…

On Wednesdays starting March 31, our newest staff member Draco will be joining our Learning Support Team. Draco is a retired service dog who will call room B204 home. We’re very excited to have him join our team!

Belmont Coast Salish Inspired Drum Project

The Belmont Drum Project is a legacy project for our school. Students in music and art worked together with the Aboriginal department to create 30 beautiful hand drums to be used in our classrooms. We began with tanned elk hides, sinew, and drum rings and ended with 30 exceptional pieces of functional art! Mandart’s Choir 9 students cut out and pulled the drums together on the frames. After drying and curing the drums, Ms. Guy’s art class painted a drum by drawing inspiration from the 13 Coast Salish Moons. Each art student selected a moon that spoke to them and created their master piece to reflect the time of the year. This legacy project celebrates the beauty of Coast Salish culture and students have generously gifted their time and Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen (good mind, feelings, and intention) to future students! Hych’ka to the Learning Commons team for holding a Gallery Walk to share the students finished drums!

Hych’ka to our Role Models for their knowledge and support, specifically Elder Henry, Brother Rick, Alana & Layla Johnson, and Knowledge Keeper Jeff Welch. These drums will be with us for the next 20-30 years!

“This collaboration between many departments, working together towards a common goal – to make drums – through this students have been able to be creative, participate in and recognize the beauty of Salish culture. They have done an amazing job. The Belmont music department will have 30 beautiful drums and be able to learn Coast Salish songs that have been gifted to our school. It shows a lot of respect. I can’t think of the words to express what they have done here together. I was glad to participate in most steps of the process. HYCH’KA!” — Elder Henry

Skills Canada Competitions

Skills Canada B.C. is an organization that leads and coordinates youth engagement in trades and technology careers in our province, including organizing and supporting regional and provincial competitions for students in trades.

We are proud to have a number of our talented Belmont students participating this year. For carpentry, the two Belmont students who participated were Mitch B, and Matheus DT. Both students came very prepared on the competition day and both completed the mini-greenhouse in the challenging 6 hour time period. Mat and Mitch advanced to the regional finals and their projects were judged alongside the top projects from districts 61 and 63. In welding, Miko T worked hard all day and showed incredible perseverance and growth in his welding and oxyacetylene torch cutting abilities.

Congratulations to all the participants and a big thank you to the teachers who supported them, and we look forward to having our students compete again next year!

Belmont Leadership

Belmont Leadership has had a busy couple of months since returning from winter break!   The students participated in beach clean ups in our school community around Glen and Langford Lake in an effort to keep our community clean! 

They also organized a “Share the Love” campaign where leadership students delivered hearts to classes and students shared something they loved on them!  If you missed them on the entrances, check out the photos below! It was nice to see some love around the school during this time! 

Scholarship Information

All SD62 District Authority Awards, SD62 Awards, Elementary and Middle school PAC Bursary, and Belmont Scholarship Society Scholarship are now up on the Belmont Scholarship website and in the grad google classroom for grads to apply! 


All of these applications are to be either:

  • 1. Turned into Grad google classroom 
  • 2. Emailed to Ms. Hoskins 
  • OR 
  • 3. Paper based applications can be dropped off to Ms. Hoskins in room B112

Deadlines are:

  • 1. Sd62 District Authority – April 13th, midnight 
  • 2. Sd62 Awards – April 13th, midnight 
  • 3. Elementary and Middle School PAC Bursaries – April 30th, midnight 
  • 4. Belmont scholarship society awards – April 30th, midnight 

Please note these deadlines are strict and no late applications will be accepted. Make sure all necessary attachments are added before submitting – double check! 

Email Ms. Hoskins at choskins@sd62.bc.ca if there are questions throughout the process. 

Belmont & Grad Clothing Update

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our school and grad wear sales last month! Our local suppliers will be working over spring break to put all of the orders together and we look forward to getting orders out to everyone in early April. Have a wonderful spring break!

Attention Badminton Players!

The team will begin practicing after spring break.  Juniors and Seniors welcome.  Please contact Mr. Willing at bwilling@sd62.bc.ca for more information.

Metro Vancouver Japanese Bowl

For the first time ever, Belmont has 3 teams participating in the Metro Vancouver Japanese Bowl where high school students are challenged on language and culture. Good luck to the three teams who are Team 1:  Bach N., Dasol K., Chompoonake P.  Team 2:  Andrea-Marie O., Ela E., Gabriel L.  Team 3:  Abby I., Dakota K., Jeremy H.  This full day event will take place on Saturday, March 13. Good luck to all our teams.

Spring Break Resources

Camosun College Criminal Justice Info…

In the Know…

Looking forward to Spring!

Important Dates:
  • February 1 – Semester 4 End
  • February 2 – Semester 5 Start
  • February 3 – Gr. 8 Student & Family Info Night 6pm MS Teams
  • February 8 – Report Cards Published
  • February 9 – PAC Mtg. 7pm MS Teams
  • February 12 – Pro-D (school not in session)
  • February 12 – Chinese New Year (year of the ox)
  • February 15 – Family Day (stat holiday)
  • February 24 – Pink Shirt Day
Student Inspiration…

Recently Jasmine R., a grade 11 student was awarded the Distinguished Honorable Mention Award in the Multimedia category in the 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest, a global arts competition sponsored by Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs that engages youth in creatively raising awareness of environmental issues impacting our blue planet. Jasmine was selected from approximately 5,300 participants from around the world! Please click here for more details!

An Inspiring Morning!

On January 26, I had the pleasure of joining Ms. Christ-Rowling’s Outdoor Ed class on a hike up to the peak of nearby Mt. Wells. It was an incredible way to spend the morning and to see first hand how the activities and experiences Ms. Christ-Rowling provides for our students impacts their lives. – J. Lamond

Student Learning Survey 2020/2021

The Provincial Student Learning Survey is unique in its scope, size and usefulness to schools. It gathers information from parents/guardians/caregivers, teachers and students on topics related to school environment, safety, and achievement. The information is used for planning in individual schools and provides a district and provincial perspective.

Early in 2021 the Student Learning Survey will be administered to students in grades 10 and 12, their parents/guardians/caregivers, and all school staff. We encourage parents/guardians/caregivers to participate in this survey, as the results are important in identifying and celebrating current strengths, as well as determining where the school needs to focus improvement. The surveys contain standard questions for the Province – in addition, questions from the school and/or district that focus on local conditions or issues may be included.

The survey can be completed electronically and can be accessed on the Internet at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/sat_survey. Any computer with an Internet connection can be used, and access to the e-survey is simple and secure. The survey can be accessed through the link with or without an anonymous logon code by selecting the school district and school name where your child attends school. Provincial, District and School Reports for previous years can be viewed at the same site under the Results section.

The e-survey site will be open until April 30th.

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 250-478-5501.

Transition to Semester 5

Hello Belmont Families,

Next week Tuesday, 2nd February 2021, we will transition to Semester 5 (S5)!

Last week students received their S5 schedules; today they reviewed the following links in class in preparation for next week’s transition:

Semester 5 Schedules:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > Semester 5 Schedules

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/class-schedules-am-vs-pm-cohorts/

School Entrance and Exit Zones:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > School Entrance & Exit Zones

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/return-to-school-entrances-exits/

Activating/Accessing MyEd Student Portals:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > MyEd Student Portal

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/myed-student-portal-information/

Bell Schedule:

Route: Belmont Home Page > About > Bell Schedule

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2020/08/Belmont-Class-Schedule-20-21-v2.pdf

School Calendar:

Route: Belmont Home Page > About > School Calendar

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/about/calendar-2/

Scholarship Information & Updates

For anyone who was unable to attend the scholarship info night via MSTeams, the presentation was recorded, and the link is attached below for anyone who is interested. 

Meeting Link: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/53e65379-5a1f-480b-a852-231d38d0ca49

Presentation link:



And the Belmont Scholarship website link is listed here for anyone who has not yet familiarized themselves with it:


WELCOME TO BELMONT’S SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITE – Home PREPARING TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES Most scholarships and bursaries require a scholarship resume. Use this template to get started – Click Here Some of you may have already created a scholarship resume in your Careers 12 class. belmontscholarships.weebly.com

Please email Ms. Hoskins with any questions – choskins@sd62.bc.ca“.

Grade 8 Info Night

If you are interested in attending Belmont next year as a Grade 9 student, please join us for the Belmont Grade 8 Student and Family Information Night on Feb. 3 at 6pm. You can join by clicking on this link: https://jump.sd62.bc.ca/BelmontGrade8StudentAndFamilyInfoNight

If you are unable to attend, a recorded version will be available later that week on the Belmont website

A few of our departments will also be offering information/Q & A sessions that evening from approximately 7-8pm. Links will be available on the Belmont website on Feb. 3. More information about all of our departments and programs is available on the Belmont website, under Programs. 

Belmont & Grad Wear

Our Entrepreneurship 12 class is selling Belmont and Grad Wear commencing today.  Visit the Belmont Clothing website created by the class at http://bit.ly/belmontstyle to see the full collection including high quality sweatpants, dry fit pants, hoodies and t-shirts.  As well, the class has posted it on Instagram so visit @belmontstyle21.    All sales are online only.  Act quick as sales will only run until February 5th for delivery before Spring Break.

To purchase, please go to your School Cash Online account at https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com/.  If you have not yet set up an account, please consent first at https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/ before creating an account.  It will take 24hrs. after consenting before you can register for School Cash Online.

We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges so please carefully review the Belmont Clothing website before purchasing. (all prices include tax).

School, Students & Families – All Working Together to Prevent the Spread

We are all working together to keep each other and our families healthy and safe, and we need everyone to keep reminding our students to wear a mask and stay six feet apart when visiting outside. We have been receiving a number of calls from concerned community members who see our students congregating closely when on the nearby paths and in neighbourhoods.

Island Health continues to remind people to double down on their efforts to help stop the spread of the virus. COVID-19 is in all of our communities and everyone must continue to follow the steps we know are effective in reducing the risk of transmission.

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping students who are feeling unwell at home, and for completing daily health checks to ensure our schools remains a safe place for everyone: https://www.sd62.bc.ca/covid-19/resources-parents/daily-health-check

Careers News:

Family Resources:

Online Parent Meeting: Self Harm, how to help your child.Date: Wednesday, January 27th at 4:00 PM (Other dates available) Registration: www.familysmart.ca/itk Discussion facilitated by FamilySmart Parent in Residence. Watch a video with us and come together with other families for a facilitated discussion. (see poster attached to share)

Parenting Teens, support group: Topics include: Attachment and relationship-based practices, Communication and 6 critical messages, Developmental changes in pre-adolescence, Adolescent brain development, Boundaries, and turning over responsibility as appropriate Self-care – taking back your life, Adolescent mental health

  • Substance use and teens Time:  Tuesdays at 12-1:30 pm zoom Registration: Lisa Hoffman lhoffmanbgcvic.org  /   250 217 4929  please include your contact information and when you can be reached.
Youth Resilience in the Digital Age Virtual Conference (Free Online Event)

The Canadian Teachers Federations and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada are  pleased to be co-chairing the national Youth Resilience in the Digital Age Virtual Conference, in partnership with:

  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Canadian Teachers’ Federation
  • Kids Help Phone
  • MediaSmart
  • TakingITGlobal
  • Indspire
  • Actua
  • Mentoring Canada
  • Variety Ontario
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection
  • Respect Inc.
  • Kids Boost Immunity
  • Jays Care

Join us for the Youth Resilience in the Digital Age Virtual Conference, Feb 8 – 12! Experts from across the country will show how to create safe, equitable, accessible online environments for kids and teens. Register: http://digitalresilience.ca #DigitalResilience2021 @BGCCAN @CTFFCE

This is a free event, and all webinars will be recorded and housed on a resource page after the conference. This conference is open to all and parents are encouraged to attend. Check out the full webinar descriptions on the registration link.

Christian Caillé Nature Based Programs Supervisor Pronouns: He/him Boys and Girls Club of Greater Victoria 3900 Metchosin Road, Victoria BC, V9C 4A5 (250) 661-7438 | ccaille@bgcvic.org   http://www.bgcvic.org   

Let the Holidays begin!

Important Dates:
  • December 19-January 3 – Winter Holidays
  • January 4 – School Re-opens & semester 4/block D begins
  • January 8 – Semester 3 Report Cards published
  • January 11-15 – Spirit Week (Grads only)
  • January 21 – Gr. 12 Scholarship Info Session 3:30-5:00pm – MS Teams
  • January 25-27- Grad Photo Retakes
  • January 25-29 – Graduation Literacy & Numeracy Assessments
Holiday Wishes

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to the coming year, we felt it was important to acknowledge many things we have learned and accomplished as a school community during the global pandemic. To begin with, no one ever dreamed back in March that school as we had always known it, would change in a moment of time forcing students, staff, and families to begin our “remote” experience which saw students and teachers shift to online learning to complete the school year. The Graduates of 2020 had their celebrations (Prom & Dry Grad) cancelled, but still made the most of our humble school based Commencement as we welcomed students in groups of 25 to “walk the stage” as we recognized their accomplishments and completion of grade 12. Despite the disappointment, our Grads demonstrated resilience, care and compassion in making the most of what we could. They will never forget those times…

At the end of July we learned we would be returning to school in September but under different guidelines and protocols that had all of wondering how it would look. With the support of our District and the Ministry of Education Belmont, Royal Bay, and Edward Milne embarked on our current journey which has students completing one course at a time. With our 1/8th model, we focused on creating the safest possible opportunity for students and staff. Our students have demonstrated great understanding of the safety protocols and incredible care for each other. Their resilience and commitment is inspiring to say the least! Our Belmont Music Department as well as our Athletics Department continue to create opportunities.

Although our holiday celebrations are different this year, our Leadership class has hosted a Holiday Spirit week this week in addition to a door decorating competition. In addition our Leadership class in conjunction with EMCS & Royal Bay has once again organized and promoted 10,000 Tonight as an annual Food Bank drive is in support of the local Goldstream Foodbank.  This year’s efforts suffered a last minute set back as VIHA updated their protocols which caused us to have to cancel classroom hampers, local door to door collection as well as a planned drive thru drop off.  Our resilient and service minded Leadership students stayed positive and have continued to promote online and cash donations! To date, the 10,000 Tonight Food Drive has raised over $18,000 in cash and online donations.

A special thanks to our awesome custodial team for their efforts in keeping our school clean and safe during these unprecedented times. And lastly, the students and Admin team at Belmont want to thank all of our staff for their amazing dedication, commitment to safety and protocols, and the care for all students demonstrated through the past 9 months.  Thanks to all of you for making Belmont such an amazing place to learn and work in.

To all our students and their families, have a wonderful holiday and all the best for the New Year!

Some of our staff dressed for the holidays!

Transition to Semester 4 in January 2021

Upon our return in the New Year we will transition to Semester 4!

Today, students received copies of their schedule and they reviewed the following links in class in preparation for our January 2021 transition:

Semester 4 Schedules:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > Semester 4 Schedules

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/class-schedules-am-vs-pm-cohorts/

School Entrance and Exit Zones:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > School Entrance & Exit Zones

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/return-to-school-entrances-exits/

Activating/Accessing MyEd Student Portals:

Route: Belmont Home Page > Students > MyEd Student Portal

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/myed-student-portal-information/

Bell Schedule:

Route: Belmont Home Page > About > Bell Schedule

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2020/08/Belmont-Class-Schedule-20-21-v2.pdf

School Calendar:

Route: Belmont Home Page > About > School Calendar

Web: http://belmont.web.sd62.bc.ca/about/calendar-2/

All the best for a safe holiday season,

Your Belmont Team!

Salish Weave Gallery Walk

This week students and staff had the opportunity to participate in the Salish Weave Galley Walk. This was hosted in the Learning Commons and included 27 Coast Salish prints that were gifted to our School District. Students learned how to identify Coast Salish design elements, colors, style, and stories while becoming more familiar with Coast Salish artists like Dylan Thomas, lessLIE, Susan Point, and Chris Paul. Hych’ka to all classes who participated and staff who spent time in the gallery learning about this ancient art style. Hych’ka to Ms. Doyle, Ms. Court, Mrs. Mackenzie, Mrs. Irving, Elder Henry Chipps, and role model Alana Johnson for setup and support!

Food Studies

Food studies class competed in a cake baking and decorating challenge this week! Please see samples of the amazing work below.

Door Decorating

Belmont Leadership organized a door decorating contest to get everyone in the festive spirit!  Here are the contenders.

Drama & Improv Club

Looking for a way to meet new friends and get involved with something at school? Belmont’s very own Drama & Improv club starts on January 15th! EVERYONE is welcome. Fridays 2.15-3.15 in the Theatre D101. Join us for fun on and off the stage. Email Danny on damartin@sd62learns.org or join the Google Classroom code wtzpb3h to find out more or ask questions. Can’t wait to see you!

City of Langford donates podium!

A huge thanks to the City of Langford for donating a podium from the Council Chambers to Belmont. Below is a picture of Ms. Robertson & Mr. Hill showing off the new podium.

Capstone 12

As our semester 3 grade 12 Career Life Connections class finished their Capstone presentations this past week, the wonderful painting below done by Jess M. is an awesome example of the projects and learning journeys experienced by our grads. Thanks to Ms. Sandberg for sharing this with us!

A proud Grade 12 Jess M. shows a recent painting she completed for her Capstone project.

Belmont Music Department’s holiday video

Thanks to Ms. Dawson, Mr. Chan., Mr. Rivollier, and Ms. Spencer for their efforts in helping our students make this awesome video performance.

“Covid Chronicles: Music in the Key of Covid” –

Gr. 12 Scholarship Info Session

Ms. Hoskins will host a virtual scholarship info session through MS Teams for grade 12 students and parents on January 21st, 2021 at 3:30-5:00pm.  Please feel free to attend, see a short presentation, and ask any questions you may have about the scholarship process.


Join conversation teams.microsoft.com

CUPE 459 Donates $500

A huge thanks to our CUPE Staff of local 459 for their generous $500 donation to the Goldstream Foodbank. Pictured below is Ms. Court, our Library/Learning Commons clerical team member presenting Ida S. from our Leadership class with the cheque for $500.

Booking a Counselling appointment

Belmont Volleyball Programs

A big shout out to the Belmont Volleyball programs as they raised over $570 in lieu of food items for the Goldstream Food Bank.  These student-athletes are what makes coaching so rewarding.  Well done team!  

PACE “At Home for the Holidays” Presentation

Tickets for the show are officially available for purchase. After over 3 decades of selling thousands of tickets per year for a performance at Spencer’s Isabelle Reader Theatre, we’re releasing the show on the internet for families and friends to watch safely from home. Please see attached link to order tickets https://bit.ly/39zXSuh and use one of the attached images for posting on social media or to text to someone you would like to invite to the show. 

Camosun Updates E-newsletter
Happy holidays from the Recruitment & Admissions team!

While this will likely be a very different holiday season for most of us, we hope it is still filled with virtual holiday hang outs, cookies, stuffing and memories.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant

What is it?

A fast pace 10 month certificate program that offers guaranteed practicums at local facilities.

What is a Medical Laboratory Assistant?

Not everyone you see in scrubs is a nurse or a doctor.  There are many exciting careers in health care and the medical laboratory assistant is the public face of the laboratory.

What will you learn?

The Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant program prepares you for employment in the health care field. You’ll learn about specimen collection and safety, laboratory procedures and techniques, legal and ethical guidelines, human anatomy and physiology, as well as customer service and patient management with emphasis on the human and cultural diversity encountered in the Canadian Healthcare System.  One of the main specimen collection practices you will learn is phlebotomy, the procedure of collecting blood samples from patients.

What it means to be a Medical Laboratory Assistant?

MLAs are in high demand right now. This 10 month program provides a fast track into an entry level health care position. There are opportunities available in many different fields, patient based labs, hospitals, specimen analysis, microbiology, and more.

Who would like this career?

Do you like people, enjoy customer service, and a fast pace, diverse workplace?  Are you a critical thinker that enjoys a challenge and new and dynamic environments?  Are you looking to enter the work force quickly with minimal patient level care?  Are you able to follow processes and procedures and have an eye for details?  Are you physically able to be on your feet most of the day and have a reasonable level of physical dexterity and special awareness? 

Upcoming Information Sessions

The Victoria Conservatory of Music will be hosting a virtual information session on January 25th, 2020 to talk about the Music Programs that Camosun College and the VCM offer in partnership.

Did you know that we are offering virtual information sessions for almost all of our programs? It’s a chance for students and their families to learn about the programs we offer and ask questions.

CamWeek 2021 – Virtual Info

In lieu of our yearly Info Night event, we are pleased to be hosting CamWeek 2021; a series of virtual information sessions on February 23rd, 24th and 25th from 4:00pm-8:00pm. The event will start with a presentation from Admissions followed by Financial Aid. Over the 3-nights there will be presentations from the Centre for Sport & Exercise Education, School of Access, School of Arts & Science, School of Business, School of Health & Human Services and School of Trades & Technology. The schedule will vary each night so that students have the option to attend multiple sessions.

 Provisional admission

Students enrolled in grade 12 in a BC secondary school, and working toward meeting graduation requirements, can qualify for this special admission category from September 15th to May 15th. This conditional admission is tied to the student meeting the necessary program admission requirements with their interim and final grades. A few programs may have separate deadlines and processes – check with an Admissions Advisor. The student will need to include their Personal Education Number.

The Recruitment & Admissions Team

We are currently working remotely but can be reached via email and phone (250-370-3550/1-877-554-7555). Our phones are answered Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm, excluding stat holidays. Students can also book virtual appointments and get the direct emails of specific admissions advisors.


Important Dates

  • November 17 – PAC meeting 7pm via MS Teams
  • November 18 – Semester 2/Block B ends
  • November 19 – Semester 3/Block C begins
  • November 19 – Student/Parent/Teacher interviews via MS Teams 1:30 – 3:30pm
  • November 20 – Pro D Day (no classes in session)
  • November 23 to December 4 – Grad Photos by Life Touch room B217
  • November 25 – Report cards published (MyEd)
Remembrance Day Assembly Virtually

Although this week were not able to host our annual school wide Remembrance Day assembly, Mr. Chan and our student hosts provided classes with a video

Youtube – https://youtu.be/j7MUINdr8es

Student MCs – Kyla K., Steven M., Ida S., &  Aisha A.

Student bugler – Alexa B.

Belmont Concert Choir – with Glynis Dawson directing

Our guest speakers this year are Elder Henry Chipps, Jim Lamond, and Officer Cadet Jeffery Corney (Royal Military College, Belmont Alumnus)

Memorial Window
Post-Secondary Information
  1. Post-Secondary BC (PSBC) events are happening, regionally, for students throughout the fall, and UVic will be offering four virtual presentations at each of these events. The upcoming PSBC events are as follows:
  • Victoria and South Island: November 16 (2-6pm) and November 17 (3-7pm)
  • North/Mid-Island and the Sunshine Coast: November 18 (2-6pm) and November 19 (3-7pm)

Registration is available, here: https://postsecondarybcvirtualfair.easyvirtualfair.com/prefair/

  1. Parent Nights will provide parents/guardians/supporters the opportunity to learn more about UVic. Attendees will  enjoy a presentation by the amazing Dr. Lisa Surridge, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, with some helpful tips on being successful in post-secondary studies. The focus of the talk is helping parents (and students) navigate the transition from high school to university.  The upcoming Parent Night is as follows:
  • November 22 at 5pm

Gr 12 students and parents are invited to join a virtual information presentation by UVic and Camosun on applying to post-secondary programs, Tuesday, Nov 24, 6:30 – 7:30 with a question and answer period to follow. A link to the Zoom event will be provided closer to the day of the event.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Interviews will be held on Thursday, November 19th online from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Here is how you book an appointment:

  1. Go to: http://belmont.schoolappointments.com/
  2. Register under login
  3. Follow registration prompts
  4. Book the appointment time
  5. Click view appointments to access virtual link during meeting time
  6. You may have to wait in the virtual lobby

If you are unable to book on-line please call our front office at 250-478-5501 beginning Friday, November 13th, at 10.00 am.

If you are unable to book an appointment with a teacher due to availability, please contact him/her to set an alternate time or book a phone conference. 


Thank you for taking the time to meet with your son/daughters and their teachers.


Next Thursday, November 19 is an early dismissal day across SD62. This means that school will end early for secondary schools, please see schedule below. 
If your child takes school bus transportation, please note that pick up and drop off times may be different for that day only. Please see below.

REMINDER: Please follow the current bus schedule which ends on November 20. The new schedule begins Monday, November 23.


Morning CohortAfternoon Cohort
School 9 – 11 a.m.11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
AM Pick up as per usualPick Up (from stop) 1 hour early
Dismissal and bus home at 11 a.m.Dismissal and bus home at 1:30 p.m.

For bus pick up times, please see here and adjust accordingly as noted above, particularly for students who attend class in the afternoon.

Questions, please feel free to email our Transportation Department: bussing@sd62.bc.ca

Thank you for your attention to this.

Spanish Classes – Altar de Muertos Competition

Miss Pampin’s Spanish classes have been working on a Day of the Dead project / competition. Congratulations to # 1: In Honor of Dr. Seuss who received the most votes with #3: In Honor of Ant #7 being a close second. Honorable mention goes to the others. Well done students! See photos below.

Students had to build an “Altar de Muertos” (altar for the dead) which is a shrine-like surface in honor of someone that has passed.  An “Altar de Muertos” typically contains decorative elements such as festive tissue paper designs and flowers, as well as symbolic elements that were believed to serve a purpose. These include food, water, salt, candles, a photo of the deceased, and sugar skulls, to name a few. (Did you know that sugar skulls replaced real skulls which is what the Aztecs originally used?). 

Message from Elder Henry Chipps

Dear Students,
It’s an honor for me to be in your class with you. O’Siem Siam. I hope that this 2020 school year you will complete all your work and have a successful time in each class. I hope you excel in all your subjects that you are doing this year.
I am the Elder in Residence for Belmont Secondary which means that I will be here on Mondays throughout the rest of the school year. I will be doing various classroom activities with you and your teachers in certain subject matters and I really enjoy supporting these activities.
A lot of students talk to me in the hallway or in their classrooms. This summer I saw students at various stores and coffee shops in our Community and it is always great when students wave or stop to say hi! Please feel free to say ‘hi’ when you see me out there! It is important because Every Child Does Matter. It really doesn’t matter what culture or ethnicity one is, in the senses that each of you are children of the world and are important. You are in this school and I am too and it is good to open dialogue and talk with each other in a good way.
Always appreciate your teachers when you are in the school. Remember, one time they were students just like you. In fact, in my cultural way teachers are like Elders, they are knowledge keepers. In my culture too they are held in high esteem which means they respected. In old ways nothing was written down, it was all oral communication from one generation to another, now in the 21st century we write things down and your teachers who have studied these things are able to communicate their learning to you!
Sometimes we have special guests and role models in our school and they teach you special skills. I have met a lot of amazing people with unique talents and you can learn something from each person who comes into your life. Last year, for example, a role model showed students in Ms. Rachael’s class how to make roses of cedar bark for hair style accessories. It was quite something. The students really enjoyed it.
When I was young I attended Metchosin Elementary, Dunsmuir Middle School, and Belmont Secondary (in the old building). I graduated grade 12 in 1971. I wouldn’t have graduated without the help of some of the teachers. There was a teacher in my life, his name was Leo Beinder. In fact, he has an award in his name here at Belmont. He knew I was a good student from September to December. From January to the end of June I used to go off the grades! In March, he used to come to me and say “it’s time to pull up your socks”, so that I would be motivated to pass!
In ’71 I went to Kelowna and took pre-op Carpentry, I got my Red Seal, and worked all over Canada. When I came back here in ’87 I moved back to Beecher Bay and was on Council from ’87-2003. I also got into Treaty Negotiations for my Nation. We have been in Treaty
Negotiations 25 years. Soon we will have the Te’mexw Treaty Passed into Legislation by both
the Provincial and Federal Government.
In 1999 I went back to school, to University of Victoria. At the ripe old age of 35…hahaha. I took
Indigenous Governance Degree and Public Administration. I graduated in 2006! I was the first
Graduate of Indigenous Governance. It’s never too late to achieve your goals in life. Take up the
initiative to complete your dreams.
Please feel free to talk to me when you see me! If you would like to talk one-on-one please ask
your school Counselor or Natasha Parrish and they can arrange a meet up! I hope you have a
great year at Belmont Ecole Secondary, I looking forward to spending time with you this year.
Elder Henry

“10,000 Tonight – Food Drive!

Food insecurities are a big problem in our community. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but especially those in need. All food and cash donations will go to the Gold Stream Food Bank. Belmont Leadership is hoping this event will connect the school to our community in these uncertain times. Together we can make a difference!

Does your family want to help the community this holiday season?  Belmont Leadership class is excited to announce that we are holding our annual 10 000 TONIGHT FOOD DRIVE in partnership with Royal Bay and EMCS secondary schools from November 30th – December 11th. 

There are two ways to donate:

  1. Classroom Hampers – Each classroom will have a box for non-perishable food donations.* Teachers will have envelopes to collect cash donations. 

There will be PRIZES!  For every item donated, students will receive one prize entry, and multiple entries are encouraged. Prizes will be drawn at the end of the food drive. 

  •  – As we are unable to do our normal house-to-house pick up, there will be four DRIVE THROUGH DROP-OFF EVENINGS. Student volunteers will be at Belmont and Royal Bay schools on Tuesday, December 1st and 8th and Thursday, December 3rd and 10th from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. The drop-off process will be fast and contactless! We hope to see you there!   

*All donations will be quarantined at the school before sent to the food bank. All volunteers will be following strict COVID-19 protocols.

Thank you in advance from Belmont Leadership!”

Safe & Healthy Schools

Program for Parents with preteens: Boys and Girls Club is offering a daytime group for parents with preteens. It will cover topics like Parenting and families, communication, self care, and more. Please share with your families. See attached called PWPS Wednesdays.

November Parent Meeting: Connecting with our Kids when Anxiety Leads to Social Isolation. The Victoria area date is Tuesday, November 24th at 4:00 pm. Please feel free to register for a date that works best for you. Registration Required for all communities: www.familysmart.ca/itk Date for Victoria: Tuesday, November 24 at 4:00 pm  Cost: Free of Charge  

Fall Back… time change

Important Dates:

  • November 1 – Clocks “fall back” – don’t forget to change your clocks!
  • November 3 to 5 – Graduation Literacy/Numeracy Assessments
  • November 10 – Remembrance Day video assembly
  • November 11 – Remembrance Day – no classes in session
  • November 17 – PAC meeting via MS teams 7pm
  • November 18 – Last day of semester 2/block B
  • November 19 – First day of semester 3/block C
  • November 19 – Student/Parent/Teacher interviews via MS team 1:30-3:30pm

The Belmont leadership team (Mr. Lamond, Mr. Dube, Ms. Horner, Mr. McHugh) is very grateful to our students, staff and families for the all the support you’ve shown during the September start up and through our first 2 months of classes.  As you know, the year has been divided up into eighths.   Each class in your child’s scheduled represents one eighth – A block/semester 1, B block/semester 2 and so on.  Reports for A block were published through the MyEd student/family portal on October 22.  As a school and district we have had to re-plan all of our schedules and daily routines so that we can follow the strictest safety guidelines.  I cannot express enough how proud we are of the students’ understanding of the safety protocols and their  ownership of responsibility in the school. 

By all accounts, A block/semester 1 was very successful.  Like you, we weren’t really sure what to expect, but the results are very encouraging and positive.

Attendance  Through reflecting on attendance data for the months of September and  October, our overall student attendance has been better than ever. This is in comparison to data collected in the same time frame from 2018 & 2019.

Course Completion More than 98% of our students successfully completed their course. After speaking with numerous students, staff and parents/guardians we have compiled some anecdotal information that we would also like to share.

Although students, staff and parents/guardians are feeling many different emotions about school at the moment, below are some of the consistent themes.

Student Feedback

  • A sense of great focus with only one class at a time to focus on
  • Increased understanding and engagement; increased support from teachers (individual time 1 on 1); greater sense of success
  • Easier to stay organized
  • Social and educational anxiety is down
  • Enjoying smaller classes
  • In some cases, increased sense of safety (socially as well as feeling they are in a calm school environment)

Teacher Feedback

  • Students have greater focus
  • Building relationships with students & families more than they have in the past
  • Negative classroom behaviours dramatically decreased
  • Experimenting with new forms of assessment
  • Sense of satisfaction in being able to assist students 
  • Enjoying smaller class sizes

Parent/Guardian Feedback

  • Pleased with the smaller classes sizes in terms of safety and H&S measures
  • Encouraged by the engagement and focus of their students
  • Pleased that extra-curricular activities are coming back line through a clear H&S protocol
  • Positive and grateful seeing their students back in school

While we recognize that this certainly isn’t a perfect situation, we are thrilled with how it is progressing.  Having the students back at school and breathing life back into the building has been incredible. 

Please make sure that you stay in close contact with teachers and have an ongoing sense of your student’s strengths, areas for growth, and ways that your student can be supported in their learning.

As we go through the year, we will keep you all updated.  It has been an exceptional year, but we have exceptional students, staff and community to rely on.

Pexsisen Elementary School & Centre Mountain Lellum Middle School

The busy site of our District’s new schools which will join the Belmont family of schools.

As many of you are aware, our District’s newest schools are currently under construction and will b ready for opening in September of 2022. It is incredible to see the transformation of the WestShores newest community.

Belmont Music Department:

Ms. Dawson leading choir in the Learning Commons…

Although our return to school plan has provided many challenges for all teachers, Ms. Dawson, Mr. Chan, and Mr. Rivollier have continued to find ways to offer great learning opportunties for our many talendted Belmont student musicians. In recognizing our teacher’s efforts to maintain our music program aliging with all of the health & safety protocols, they recenlty were featured on the cover of the BC Music Educators Journal.

A definite shout out our teacher’s efforts!

Grad Updates:
Graduation events are an opportunity for students, their families, staff, and the community to come together to celebrate our graduating students’ accomplishments and the transition from K-12 education. We want to recognize and celebrate our graduates in a way that keeps everyone safe. Last year illustrated that we can do this in our current context, as long as we are following the guidelines and are thoughtful in our approach.

In following the current guidelines regarding events and gatherings from our Provincial Health Officer, we will not be able to proceed with a Winter Formal celebration this year. We can, however, think ahead for Commencement and other grad activities and celebrations. We are looking to hear from students about what their hopes and dreams for graduation celebrations are. Graduates are encouraged to watch the Grad Google Classroom for opportunities to share their thinking and to ask questions.

Please contact Ms. Horner, mhorner@sd62.bc.ca, if you have any questions. 

Scholarship News:

Recently we received news from the University of Victoria that last year 27 of graduates received a variety of entrance scholarships totalling $143, 023.00. An incredible testament to the efforts of our graduates from just one post-secondary of many our grads are currently attending. A special shout out to Ms. Davis and Ms. Hoskins for their work supporting last year’s grads with their scholarship applications and awareness!

District News:

Our ThoughtExchange platform for families to contribute feedback is now LIVE! Here’s the link: https://my.thoughtexchange.com/407499254 The survey will remain open for two weeks and close on November 13 at 9 p.m. From there, we will share some of the common thoughts and opinions with families and staff in SD62 (by the end of November). Feedback will be presented to the Board for their consideration at their monthly Board meeting on December 15. All results will be presented to the SD62 community early in the new year.

Complete information about the Catchment proposals can be found on the SD62 website here: https://www.sd62.bc.ca/our-district/district-growth/catchment-review. There is a large list of FAQ as well. This list will inevitably change and grown as we start to see patterns and frequent questions. 

There is also an email address dedicated to the catchment review: catch62@sd62.bc.ca

PAC Meeting Nov. 17th:

Our next PAC meeting is on Nov. 17th at 7pm. If you are interested in attending the meeting on MS Teams please email your name and email address to belmont@sd62.bc.ca.

Yearbook Club:


Congratulations to Belmont grade 12 student and football player Riley Scheffer who commits to UBC!